May 25, 2020
7 Conversation Starters to Use to Networking Events

7 Conversations Starters To Use At Your Next Networking Event

No need to resort to cheesy lines (“how much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice, Hi I’m…) These networking conversation starters will make you memorable, flow into the right conversations, and ultimately lead to promising business connections.

1. “What’s been exciting you recently?”

You’ll be met with so many different types of responses. From casual, personal anecdotes (I’m going on vacation next month) to their professional accomplishments (I just facilitated a partnership with a major organization). You’ll get a great sense of who they are and what they value.

2. “What are you looking to get out of this event?”

Sometimes you don’t have time for pleasantries. Get directly to the meat of the meeting and know how you can help them or how they can help you.

Networking Tip: Know before you go. Do your research and see what each attendee does in order to know who you should approach at the event. Thankfully PEEKaMEET allows you to view the profiles of attendees who’ve “Checked-In” to the event in the app.

3. “What restaurants in town have the best Happy Hour deals?”

It’s easy to talk about places in the area. Everyone has a favorite bar or coffee shop. Asking for their suggestions or suggesting your own will lead to an easy conversation as well as provide you with a topic to touch on when you follow-up (“I tried the place you told me about and I loved it. Thanks for the suggestion!”)

4. “I’m new to the networking scene, do you have any tips on how to work the floor here?”

Sometimes it’s beneficial to play the newbie. This question could motivate the other to offer advice or relate with you if they’re uncomfortable as well. It could also lead to discussing why each of you came to the event in the first place.

5. “Did you attend the ___event last month?”

Think of a memorable networking event you’ve attended recently. Was there an interesting panelist? Was it hosted at a fun venue? Was there a lot of attendees?
There’s always a chance you’ve crossed paths with someone previously even if you don’t realize it.
Talking about a different networking event is an easy conversation starter that can lead to you two finding commonalities.

Networking Tip: Be sure to connect with the person ASAP. And no, not by handing them your business card. Make sure you’re both able to contact each other the following day.

The PEEKaMEET app allows you to get connected immediately. Plus you can save their contact info in a customizable folder. Download the free networking app today.

6. Are there any upcoming events you’re planning on attending?

Similar to the previous question, asking about their upcoming plans may hint to you what they’re looking to gain from these networking events.  It could also set you up for an easy follow-up (Looking forward to seeing you at ___)

7. Are there any common misconceptions about your job?

Not only are you asking them about what they do, but you’re framing it in a way that’s memorable and thought-provoking.

PEEKaMEET allows you to network anytime, anywhere. No business card necessary. Filter through like-minded professionals in your area and connect with the right people, right away. Download PEEKaMEET today.


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