May 25, 2020
10 Tips how to create perfect networking follow-up email

10 Tips For Writing a Perfect Follow-Up Email After a Networking Event

You’ve attended the networking event, you connected with someone who you think could be a beneficial business connection. You’ve exchanged contact info. Now what?

Don’t let your new business connections fall through. Here are 10 tips for writing and executing the perfect follow-up email for your new networking contact.

Send it sooner rather than later

Wait too long, and you run the risk of them forgetting who you are.

Reach out to them while the previous event is still fresh in their minds. The ideal time-frame in which you should be responding is within 24 hours, according to Balance Careers.

Include a personalized subject line

Writing a Subject line that is attention-grabbing, descriptive, and personal can be tricky. ThriveHive says the best email subject lines deliver one clear message and are around 30 characters long.

Make sure you avoid using spam filter triggers, such as “guaranteed” or “free” or using too many symbols or all caps.

Instead, keep it simple, personal. Make your purpose clear but engaging.

Start with a warm greeting

Manners still matter. Address the individual by their name and include a polite “Hi __,” or “Good morning ___.”

Remember that how you start your email sets the tone for the whole message.

Not including a greeting may make your email look like a copy-paste template.

Business Insider explains what greetings you should or should not use.

Focus on them, not you

Just like Chad Coleman suggested in his previous interview with PEEKaMEET, if you think of your new networking contacts as “prospects,” no one will connect with you.

Go into the email with the purpose of giving.

Find a way to offer them something they need or ask them if there’s anyone you could help them with. Maybe they could benefit from a contact you know or maybe they’d like it if you shared their business on your Facebook page.

Once you’ve helped them, they’ll be more likely to help you.

Mention a memorable detail from your conversation

This way they remember you and they know that you value the conversation you shared.

What to do if you can’t remember:

  • Do some research on the individual or their company- then include a genuine compliment about something you found.

Be conversational

Depending on your previous interaction with them, you’ll understand whether you should speak formally or casually.

Understand your audience and the way they speak.

Although many might not mind, the use of curse words could make you come across as unprofessional and are discouraged from initial email interactions. 

Emojis are also often viewed as unprofessional and professionals suggest you limit your use of them in business communications, as illustrated in a survey by OfficeTeam.

Focus on formatting

Make sure it’s readable and easily scanned. Avoid having a large block of text that may be difficult to scan.

Add line-breaks to separate paragraphs.

Envato Market offers a detailed guide on how you should format your email as well as formatting mistakes to avoid.

Run spell-check

A simple but easily forgotten step. A typo or two can be distracting and could cause you to seem unprofessional.

Grammarly is a great spell-check tool that evaluates spelling, grammar, and word-choice, ensuring that your email is flawless. The program can be added on as a Google Chrome extension for free.

End it well

A CTA, or Call-To-Action, gives the recipient an option to respond. Posing a question at the end of your email warrants a response. Make sure your question is open-ended and could not be answered with a simple yes or no. 

Just like your greeting, your conclusion should also be polite. A good send-off could be “I hope you have a great rest of your week and I look forward to hearing from you.”

Don’t forget to include your email signature

Email signatures are professional as well as informational. They allow the recipient to know who you are when they are scanning the message. It also includes all the necessary contact information that may be useful in the future. 

Envato offers examples of effective professional email signatures.

10 tips for creating effective prfessional follow-up email after networking event

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