May 25, 2020
smart networking tips from Denver entrepreneurs to succeed at networking events

Denver Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Networking Advice

We’ve compiled clips and excerpts from some of our best interviews with Denver entrepreneurs and startup professionals as they shared advice on effective networking.

Over the past year, the PEEKaMEET team has had the honor of interviewing some of Denver’s most inspiring entrepreneurs. These business owners gave us a peek into their stories, sharing all the challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve gotten to where they are today. They also offered tons of insight on how entrepreneurs and business professionals alike can scale their businesses, overcome personal and professional obstacles, and achieve their business and career goals.


Here is some of the best networking advice from these inspiring entrepreneurs and startup professionals:



Photo Credit: Herosmyth


Chad Coleman
Co-Founder and CEO

“I think it’s about being personable, not salesy. it’s about listening- if you can listen you’ll learn much more and get much further than if you’re doing all the talking. Know that you’re there to meet people, not just prospects. If you just think of them as prospects and you’re just there to sell, no one is going to connect with you.”


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Barbara Brooks & Guadalupe Hirt
SecondAct Women



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Leontyne Ashmore
Shoe Designer
Lisbeth Joe

“Think about what you need from the event before you attend and if its the right one for you. Go in with an ask in your mind, be clear what you want to achieve. For instance, if you are in need of say marketing help, be clear on what kind of help you need, so when you do get into conversation with someone that leads that way, you will be able to articulate what you need and the person may be able to help or effectively pass on information to someone who they know can. 

Also, networking is not really a pitch fest, don’t fall into that trap otherwise you will get sidelined very quickly. Be genuinely interested in the people there and offer help where you can.”

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Nancy Bratton
Owner & Creative Director
Nancy Bratton Design


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Photo credit: Elizabeth Birnbaum

Emily Hope Dobkin

“Stay open, say “hello,” and be kind. I have a quote on The Meet Cart that says “everyone you meet has something valuable to teach you.” 

Meet as many people as you can, even if you don’t think they’ll directly benefit you in the upcoming months. You never know when that person can help you or support you later down the line. There’s been many instances where I’ve met with someone and then a few months (or sometimes: years) later, I’ve reached out to them for something to collaborate on. You never know when you are going to need the support or skill sets from a certain someone.

Take the time to nourish connections and build relationships. It takes time and effort, but so worth it in the grand scheme of things. “

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Hector Simoudis
Co-Founder & CEO
VP Legacies

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Photo Credit: Ahmed Hassan


Ahmed Hassan
Director of Business Development
Amaze PBC

“At networking events, it’s really about the quality, not the quantity of people you meet. I’d recommend you stay in just one place, don’t work the whole room talking to everybody. Stay in one place, have really meaningful conversations with a few people.”

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Are you an entrepreneur with networking advice to share? Let us know HERE and we may feature you in an upcoming video.

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